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[1984 was a great political book, and not a bad movie. Pretty depressing, though]

We must resist. We must be a brotherhood of resistance. Some in the crowd supported the idea, but they'll probably die. I only wish we had someone who could help us...


*A dark office. A man sits in front of a computer screen, staring at the statistics of the holocaust that has taken place. A door opens behind him, and an officer in a blue uniform enters*

Officer: M'Lord. THe man you asked to keep our eyes on has disappeared. Our agents fear him dead...

Lord: Damn...what of targets two and three.

Officer: Both alive. Two is currently safe after escaping the new Imperium...Three is probably leading it...

Lord: Interesting..."we" have finally taken control...prepare the gate

Officer: Are you sure, sir?

Lord: My time here is passed. I must return home...

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