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*Corzip dinn just woke up in his appartment on the other side of Coruscants goverment. He looks at the mirror and sees a 26 year old man with a beard. unbelievable that he was once a proud member of the Jedi order. Some years back on Naboo he had encounter with some pirats and they destroyed his fighter and captured him with ysalamiri. Corzip had been a prisoner of a this Dark Jedi Varan for a couple of years. he had givin up all hope of ever getting free. The Dark Jedi's hideout was on Bakura when the SSI-RUUK attacked again. they were able to kill the dark jedi and take Corzip back with them to LWEKK. they did all kinds of studies on him, but he was freed by this slave people who lived on LWHEKK. he escaped the defenses and fleed back to Coruscant. there he realized he lost all his possesions and his will to fight evil again.
he went to an area far away from everything and lived in a small appartment thiking of the glory days.
He had build himself a small speederbike from parts he found. the repulsor lifts were very powerfull. He got up and showered and dressed himself and got out. he pu on his comunit to recieve todays news.*

- ggggggsssstgsshubshhh in gagagga todays news: there was a riot in coruscants ally's. a croud anounced they had seen a Jedi and a person named Starkiller. Stormtroopers were send to keep the croud quiet but soon turned into an arrest of several people including the Starkiller person and the so called Jedi. the Stormtroopers were about to punsh the people for disturbing the peace when a large ship roared down into the croud. The suspects all got aboard the ship and has been spotted heading south.
In other news, the fight agai........-

*Corzip turned off the com unit. A Jedi? all jedi were killed right? at least that is what he read when he got back. he also read that he was missing and supposingly killed. He always thought he was the last Jedi alive.... He steered toward the last known location of the ship.*

what is up?
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