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((Battledog: the hilt includes the cross guard, and pomme and grip. I think you meant grip had leather thongs not the entire hilt. If you have questions about parts of swords go here: ))

Odin: It looks nice, but if you read the runes, it is a sword for cermony, Steel can't stand up against a lightsaber. If you would return the sword to it's compartment in the transport, Vidar will give you a proper sword.

Vidar: Sure gives flax a sword , the blade is made of a mineral that resits lightsabers. The runes in the fuller read: Lightsaber Eater. These blades are extermly light and durable. Since they don't glow they are better suited for stealth operations. This paticular one is a long sword, meausring in at 45 inches. Enjoy.

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