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HAIL ALL!!! If anyone cares I would really appreciate it if somone would make these skins or models for me...

1. SPAWN (the GREATEST Comic Book Charactor Ever)

2. "NEW" Mace Windu (sorry,the other ones just dont do him credit, all the skins i have found of him, the faces & such were bad)

3. Ki-Adi Mundi & or Kit Fisto (Jedi Knights from Ep. 1 or Ep. 2)

4. Ben "Obi-Wan" Skywalker , I would appreciate it if somone made him around 20 yrs old (From the "New Jedi Order")

If anyone has any of these skins or models would you please leave a link, E-Mail me or post where I can find it... I am sorry to any authors I offended I do Like all the models and skins that I have seen...

Thanks Again Spawn Antilles
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