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I wish I had the same luck.
Sorry for the rant anyway, folks. It's just getting ridiculous trying to tool around the net. I spend more time lately shutting down popups than I do actually browsing.
As for working well for you, that's luck I guess. I hit the site quite often and find it's down, or not serving files, or is dead slow, or (and this kills) not showing the pictures for whatever new files are posted, so you don't know what's what.
I still hate the big pop-up ads, though, and think they should be removed from the site. They increase load times (for the dialup users anyway, not a problem for me directly), give more avenues for cookies to be placed on your drive to track your browsing habits, and generally offer useless stuff to begin with. deserves better ads than the ones it's serving the past 2 days or so.
They should try getting ATI to advertise their new Radeon 9700 Pro there, that's something some of us might actually bother clicking through!
:end rant:

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