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*The streets of Coruscant. Giant screens broadcast propaganda of the Second Imperium, until they are suddenly cut. People turn to see a man, his face shrouded in darkness, but it is a voice that fills Orthos with a familiar fear*

Announcer: People of the galaxy, there is another way to recover. The servants of a corrupt empire feed on your hate to control your mind. I know, for I was once one of their Lords. I do this as redemption. I ask for your forgiveness, and your ears. The Second Imperium rules through fear and force. It is not freedom.
They will call me "Traitor" and "The Dread Knight"...but I have another name...
*Removes shroud. Orthos gasps*

I am...Comrade Syrnl Darkstar...and I have this to say:


[All Deac fans who did not see this coming are advised to go back to primary education]

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