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((OOS: Deac, you forgot the Alternate Universe - Syrnl is in an alternate universe getting a 'second chance'.

We were going to have our group go to Syrnl's dimension, and erase the necessary parts of the twenty-year time gap by having them exit years into the future (when only days have gone by in that dimension)

That can still be worked with, either this Syrnl is a fraud, or he escaped that other dimension; in the second case, that would give us the idea of getting in; if we needed to fetch a relic or key or object from there perhaps?))

Raschel: The main NRI division doesn't even know about us. I can assure you, they are friends, or I wouldn't be going there.

Misae: Aaa--ah! *holding her head*

Raschel: *startled* What?

Misae: A Jedi! Or someone with the Force...I felt his mind!

*the viewscreen of the freighter shows a speeder coming up fast*

((edit: grammar))

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