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Well, I logged onto a server, and was playing for a while. All was well, when suddenly one of the hosting clan members began to poke me with his sabre. He'd walk up, put the sabre out just a bit, do 1 point of damage, then retract it. Repeat a few times.

I was low on shields, so every point counted to me. So I asked the offending player to stop, and when he wouldnt, I asked him to follow his own server rules. He claimed "I'm not attacking, I'm poking."
I responded "It's doing damage, it's an attack."
"But it only does one point of damage. It's not an attack."
"When you keep doing it, it does more than one point."

Eventually, one of the other clan members decided to run up to me and extend his sabre fully. My shields began trickling away. After waiting for him to stop, hopefully, and he wouldnt, I attack and eventually killed him. But he came back. Then he swung and killed me. "THATS an attack."

Goddamn hypocrits. They made a big ol deal about sabre off = peace, and then decide to pull that, claiming "It's not an attack" Bull...

People like that piss me off. They proclaim a rule, but only adhere to it when it's to their benefit. If it's more profitable/enjoyable to break that rulke, they do so, and create a lameass excuse like that. Jerks.

The clan was [OoS]

I was under an alias.

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