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I've found the best way to get someone to change a situation is to expose it publicly. Tends to prompt quicker response times. But in any case...

The names of those who were most disruptive are [OoS] Obi2 :-) and [OoS] Diablo. Diablo was the main instigator, actually did the damaging and attacks. Obi2, the supposed admin (so he claims) supported him and backed him up, told me "if you dont like it, leave".

I do thank you for your response time. I didnt know of your website, or I may have posted there instead. Maybe not, but maybe. I should let everyone know that I am not accusing the entire clan of these actions. There are just a few that were being very disrtuptive, and this, in no way, reflects upon the OoS clan. Had they not taken action....

But they did, and I thank you for that.

BTW, I went in once more under another alias before I wrote this, and tried the poking trick on Diablo, just to see how he'd react. He grew very angry and began cursing at me, before DFAing me.

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