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*Alys Shera took her small star fighter into the space lanes of Coruscant. it was small, and old design that had harkened back to the days of the great Clone War. it almost looked like an A-wing, however, it had an Astromech driod on the left side, near the ****pit. it held the logo of the now defunct Kuat Drive Yards. It was, in fact, an old Jedi Starfighter. how it got into her possesoin, it was unknown, but she could handle it better than anyone else, almost was well as a Jedi.

it was heavely modified, of course, for pirating and maurading purposes. the laser cannons were refitted to themore modern and more powerful versions, and additional missle racks were added into the hull for more firepower. The engines could now reach the speed necessary to make the jump to Hyperspace, and with it's small size, could match any ship in speed.

Alys herself was, by human standerds, beautiful. slim, evenly proportioned, soft dark hair, and piercing blue eyes. a tad short, but she could hold her own in a bar fight.

Suddenly, a frieghter was headed straight toward her. Veering suddenly, she narrowly dodged it, and almost hit the small passanger hover car below her. odd, she KNEW it was there even before her alarms went off. shemused on this fact for a second, but continued on her path.*

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