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Re: Bla bla bla!

Originally posted by Nill the Mean
Absolutely months after the games realease this pointless jabbering about the patches continues. If you like it then play it if you don't then... well do whatever. Go start a library, or help your mother paint the house. Maybe you could start origami. I hate the patch and since I came to terms with the fact that it won't get any better for me, I discovered a wealth of interesting activities. Such as drawing, exercise and kicking little children. Don't let this game get you all pent up, go do something relaxing... don't take your pants off though.
What's your point? That leaning back, giving up is the solution to any problems we might have? Your kind of thoughtpattern is what is threathening democracy today... the human race was not meant to lean back and give up. We were equipped with a creative mind to come up with real solutions and we invented language to discuss these solutions in an atempt to get the best solution to a given problem. If you feel like being catatonic fine by me... but don't bother this thread with your lack of interrest in our discussion.

Artifex is doing something good. He is using his creative mind like humans are supposed to and the rest of us here are discussing the problems and solutions... hoping to help Artifex make it right.

If everyone thought like you there would be no games for the PC since patches are required for every game and many times they are done because of feedback from the fans... although the content of the patches might not be inspired from the fans discussions.

We would all be sitting with gamecubes, x-boxes, playstations... pfff what a horrible world.

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