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Originally posted by V-tecc
Me and a friend tried it together and did a couple of tests.
In one of these tests we had a kick Vs. saber duel.
The kicker almost always won, in the end having almost full health.
You simply can't argue with that. If you try it can only be because you are affraid that kicking is nerfed so you can't 0wn using it anymore. 9 out of 10 a kicker will win against a player who doesn't kick. Sometimes it might take time... but winning is almost certain. The only thing you can do against kick is kicking back. The only reason we don't see everyone kicking is because most people want to use the saber because that is what makes this game fun. This gives those few people who only care about winning the opportunity to use the pull+kick+dfa technique... you don't even need the dfa and kicking itself is more useful since you can push while lying down. I would gladly play anyone and just use kick and they should just use their saber... Your skill doesn't matter because I block all your attacks while jumping.

The kick is risk free.
- With a normal attack you still execute the attack if you miss and that leaves you open.
- If you miss a kick you just jump and that is actually good for defence.
- kick has longer range than the saber and is faster than even blue.
- Kick goes right to your health... shield don't matter.
- If your opponent hit with a kick there is no defence like against a saber hit.

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