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I haven't run into any OoS members but judging by your posts you guys seem to be a bunch of sh!theads.

You act like fools and you get mad when people call you on it.

Not all members of this clan act the right way it doesn't mean our whole clan doesn't, bashing our clan on a message board isn't the best solution either.
I was willing to take your word for it here but then...

...some nimrod who thinks he owns everything....Thank you for reading this and, I speak for my whole clan, we are most sorry for the way we act at times....when you were acting like a moron didnt humiliate me, it effected your self much more.
This person admits they were out of line, says they speak for your clan but continues insulting Blackrose anyway. If you want to apologize you should apologize and thats it.

That's like saying "yeah I'm sorry....F^cker"

Also this poking stuff that is being complained about, my rule is you come near me with your saber up, I attack you. I don't care if you are just walking around doing nothing, saber up = enemy.

Also if you do anything in a server that is seen by me as attacking when your saber is down, I will attack you everytime I see you no matter what. If you want to have the saber down rule respected then you must only attack when your saber is up. You start with lightning or kicking with saber down EVEN once and you have given up your right to walk in peace.

These fools that just go on-line to mess and then turn around and get pissed when you mess with them make me sick.

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