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Hi, I go by the JKII screen name of Carth, who is one of the admins of the 0oS server, and I go out of my way to make myself sound smart and instead talk out of my ass, which 95% of this post implies. The other 5% gives that nice little added smell to it.

So this must be your "smart guy" template.
No, actually this is my board name, not "Psionic Jedi." Please get your facts straight, and at least spell my name right before assuming things and insulting me. If you have some issue with me, feel free to talk to me on MSN and we can talk it over; don't just take pot-shots at me for something I haven't even said.

The generator this was probably produced on was a lower-level version of the one found at ( I forget the actual site that this was created on, but it's the same premise. Psionic Jedi thought he'd lighten up this thread with humor by inputting the OoS clan name into the generator. And it IS funny if you understand that 100% of it has nothing to do with the subject at hand, and that it intends to use as many obscure references and "ass-talking" as possible.

Again, I feel that this character attack was unnecessary, and any problem you have with me should be brought up with me, not exhibitioned in a public forum.


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