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How does my post constitute as a flame and FlameStrike's doesn't (even though he frequently used the f-word)?

Oh I know! This forum is biased! You're all a bunch of raging n00bs who have no real life so you try to create some stuck-up little society in a video game in order to make yourselves feel accepted! Well, make sure to come on our server again, so I can show you what jk2 is REALLY about while you choke on my saber!

And Shock...frankly, in real life... I haven't experienced a situation where somone poked at another person with thier "lightsaber" and then that person got upset and "murdered" them. But then within a matter of seconds, the dead person is revived and comes back to "murder" the other person.

You have just been scratched by the ferocious Kiddy!

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