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Originally posted by Kiddy
How does my post constitute as a flame and FlameStrike's doesn't (even though he frequently used the f-word)?
Because all I am trying to say is just apologize or don't. I'm not on here flaming people because I don't think their complaint is valid.

Originally posted by Kiddy
Oh I know! This forum is biased! You're all a bunch of raging n00bs who have no real life so you try to create some stuck-up little society in a video game in order to make yourselves feel accepted! Well, make sure to come on our server again, so I can show you what jk2 is REALLY about while you choke on my saber!
Again with the mindless Flaming. "choke on my saber?" how original

Why are you even posting here. The thread is about people enforcing rules that they themselves don't follow. In this case it happens to be a clan in particular that has been doing it so they are being questioned about their actions. You don't belong to the clan or care about the actual topic. You seem hell bent on simply insulting people for demanding fair play.

I think the issue of this thread is very much a valid concern being that it seems to be happening all over the place. Clans set rules for their servers and refuse to follow their own rules.

I am questioning the fact that this clan even while admiting that they act this way refuse to give a real apology. Then they question why someone would make a thread and embarass them by telling the whole community about their behavior. Wel its obvious that they and you (a former member) are all about being jerks to everyone and nothing else.

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