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Originally posted by Taebaek
Although I do not support the behavior 100% of time with 100% of our members (we have over 50), I will say this:

"I was low on shields, so every point counted to me. "

This is a game. People play games to have fun. I would apologize that someone elses idea of fun does not agree with yours, but that, in itself, not worthy of a true apology. I do, however, apologize for the preception of hypocricy that you encountered on our server; if rules are broken (by members or non-members), there should be some recourse/warning. And while I am in the "apologetic" mood, I must say that I find it "sorry" that someone would feel this way (I was low on shields, so every point counted to me.) over their virtual shields, virtual health, and virtual standing in a non-RPG FPS game. Not all personalities can be accounted for or considered when hosting a server in which the participants are in search of entertainment and fun.

However, my ultimate goal in forming the OoS and in promoting JKII in various circles is to create many levels of enjoyment and competition: to the beginner wanting to pass some time, to the advanced player in search of elite competition. Hopefully, when passing through our servers, you can find a place in this strata to enjoy your time with us. If not, Tæk Cær...

[OoS] Tæbæk
So Taebaek, I suppose the fact that, after I asked him to stop, Diablo held his sabre on me until my shields went from 75 to 0 and my health to 95, isnt worthy of an apology? I'd say something that pushes ones shields down to nothing is certainly an attack, especially when you consider that I moved away from him multiple times, repeatedly asking him to stop, before I attacked.

It's not the shields that annoyed me. I can easily replace those, as well as the health. It was the hypocracy of the whole thing. These very clan members were, just 10 minutes prior to this incident, flaming someone for attacking sabredown.


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