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Originally posted by FatalStrike

Another "I'm sorry....F^cker" apology.

Is your whole clan to proud to just say "I'm sorry" without adding a few insults to go with it.

Just apologize to the man and move on.
FatalStrike, Taebaek is saying that although he is apologetic for the member (and by extension, the clan) unintentionally offending the person, he does not see sufficient reason for an apology. His post by no means contains insults; instead, it offers his viewpoint on the validity of "virtual shields" and whatnot. Pride is not a concern, and if you knew Taebaek, you would see that he is far from a proud person. The question here is not whether there should be an apology or not (because several were given, albeit with opinions thrown in... leading into my next point): it is a matter of why the apology should be given.

If I were to accidentally step on someone's shoe while walking down the street and he were to get into a rage over me "smudging his pumas" (thx to Chris Rock :P), of course I'd apologize. But I also have a right to question (based on his size, ability to hurt me) why the apology is/needs to be given (this would most likely be a silent question). An apology is warranted mainly by his being offended, but as Taebaek points out, is it really such a big deal? It happens from time to time, and it is, granted, annoying, but is it a reason to get up in arms?

What would you consider a "real apology"? You keep asking for it over and over again, and if people give apologies that don't meet your criterion for apologies, you write them off as "I'm sorry... F*cker" apologies. Not everyone's idea of an apology is similar to yours (which I'm guessing is just a "Sorry for the offense"-and-nothing-more type apology), and people will often question why they are saying "I'm sorry" when saying it. It's not pride, it's not a character flaw, it's not even spite: it's the markings of a non-conformist, inquisitive mindset (and I'm not saying you are conformist). If you have a problem with their opinions, and cannot respect their thoughts (namely Taebaek's, since I do not at all advocate Kiddy's flaming. He's not even a member), you are being counter-productive to everyone getting to the heart of the matter.

I have posted no opinions on the issue, and as I have already (in a roundabout way) apologized to the offended (Shock and Rad) by trying to find a constructive way to settle this matter: no, this is neither an "I'm sorry" or an "I'm sorry... F*cker" post. Just an analysis.


*Note: I personally get kind of annoyed when people burn away my shields, but I usually run away and go heal up. It's a few seconds of my time to get the shield, but that's a few seconds that would have otherwise been spent standing around. Being killed saber-down I pretty much abhor, though. With that said, I ask that you not criticize the ideas contained in this post as opinions of my own. They are a translation of Taebaek's viewpoint on the matter, as an attempt to better convey his ideas and his reason for posting.*
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