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If I were to accidentally step on someone's shoe while walking down the street and he were to get into a rage over me "smudging his pumas" (thx to Chris Rock :P), of course I'd apologize
hmm.. if I'm reading this right, the analogy should be this..

'If I were to accidentally step on someone's toe, then continue to stomp on his toes while he askes me to stop to which I reply that I'm not stepping on his toes, I'm stepping on his shoes, should I question why he wants me to apologize?'

from what I'm reading shock asked for him to stop and got a smart ass response. /shrug.. imo that's rude regardless if its a 'virtual world' or not.

My advice, don't go to their server again.. no reason to.. plenty of good servers out there with good respectful people..
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