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Thumbs up MOD Idea - !~It would be VERY FUN~!

MOD Idea - !~It would be VERY FUN~!
What about creating a MOD that did the following:

A new game type that would be a blast would be called "Prison Break" or something like that.

This would be a team based game where one team either tries to kill or capture the other. Once players are killed or captured, they go to the other teams prison. The prison would be some kind of room in which the door could only be opened from the outside. (maybe they could find a way to break out?) The surving team mates have to either go break out their partners or kill the other team.

The team scores points once they have the entire other team in prison.

How would you get people into prison? I haven't decided, but an idea would be to either flat out kill the player, then they next spawn in prison, or you have to weaken them to a certain point, and then either hit them with a certain weapon that would put them in prison (stun baton?) or use a certain force power (that does or doesn't exist) to put them there.

All in all, it would be a VERY fun mod that would require a lot of team work and cooperation. If anyone wants to make it, feel free. I just had the idea this morning.
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