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Arrow Multiple Posting Problems in Forums

If you have ever posted on these message board forums, let me ask you the following:

Do you ever post a message on here, hit the submit button and then get an "Internal Server Error"?

If you do, THIS is what you should do:

hit the "back" button on your browser.


hit the "refresh" (or "reload") button.

Your post should appear as normal.

Under no circumstances should you hit "submit" a second, third, fourth, etc, time. This will cause your message to be duplicated multiple times, making you look like a very silly person.

Also, for people inclined to just leave a mess of duplicate posts for moderators like me to clean up, remember, "the gods help those who help themselves" ; )

UBB has the functionality to allow you to edit or even DELETE your own posts. Please take advantage of this feature and if you do screw up and post seven copies of a message in a thread, go back and delete the copies. Also feel free to edit your own posts if you make typo's or faux paus's (sp?).

Thanks, and Happy Halloween (and remember to set your clocks back)!


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