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Hans Svetty
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Well, I just checked in setup. Force Power is "F" previous power = ; next power=. The force speed hotkey = F5. Force mana, red in bottom right indicator? is number 155. Red in bottom left is 100. (Health)

I tried cycling force power, but no result, maybe because I have only two stars for force speed in the Jedi Powers screen. I tried F, F5, but no "Force Speed" or icon on upper right corner. Reinstalled game, but no result.Some questions: Do you need to wait a while to build force mana before using it for the first time? I ran around for maybe 20 minutes; did shooting the Tuskens drain it off or something? Is there any way to get to the roof without it? Is this possibly something that was addressed in a patch? I seem to have version 1.0.

Thanks Kurgan for the excellent forum, and for your help.

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