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This may seem trivial to some of you but I think it would be a good idea to make more levels(other then aprentice, knight, master, and council). A lot of other forums have a lot more and i think it would be cool. I don't know what other levels you could add(Maybe devide up the Knight levels into Like Knight first class and Knight second Class or something like that although it doesn't really go along with star wars) but there has to be something. Also maybe it would be cool to have people choose to follow either the Path of the darkside or the path of the lightside when they regester(kinda like in Darkforces 2: Jedi Knight when you get to choose with path to follow) and make levels like Sith Apprentice and Sith lord for those who opt to follow the Darkside. I've heard several people bring that up and I just thought that would be a cool idea. Thanx



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