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Moderator for Role-Play

I would want to get a moderator here as soon as possible! Before the havock that was unleashed on the JPB forum hits the role-playing forum. I am not asking for the job, but I could conduct it well if it were given to me.

If I do get picked for moderator, may I have someone to help me? Say Mace_Windu?! Knowing how my parents like to take my internet priveleges away when I get bad grades, it wouldn't be a bad idea. Though I make spectactular grades in school now, and there are only 23 days left.

May I please take this responsibility? I know I am not a Jedi Knight, but that isn't my fault. They changed the number of posts required the same day I reached the goal!


Jedi Master Adi Gallia

~Laugh it up fuzzball!~

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