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MIQC's matches were played at allotted times, particularly the more unusual ones (ie. anything that wasn't Quake or Counterstrike). It worked well, and since you'll undoubtedly be recruiting people from outside of #monkey-island, it's probably the only way you can go.

Having said that, members could still communicate via ICQ (or something) to arrange matches. With MIQC, we were all such devoted Quake fans that finding a game wasn't really a problem. You'd just log in to IRC and go "ne 1 4 quake????/////@?~" in a highly irritating manner until someone answered. And if they didn't, you'd just threaten to ban them until they complied.

The main problem is that that ADSL connection isn't going to support more than a handful of people at once before it starts getting bad.

EDIT: At the end of the day, if you're going to have games at allotted times, you might as well do what we used to - book a BarrysWorld server (unless they don't offer that service any more). An ADSL connection can't compete with a professionally run server.

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