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Thumbs up Thank you Aristotle! (and the rest of you guys too)

Not only would I like to congratulate Jeff W. and Chris on the new ObiWan site (which looks top notch, and I think it will be a success assuming the game doesn't bomb), but also to thank Aristotle for pulling through and getting me back on track with the new logins he promised me.

Now I can work on my hosted sites again (which are way out of date..), but that probably won't be until finals are over (as that's coming up real fast). I might throw in an update or two before then though. ; )

I would also like to thank Aristotle for his generous offer to help work on, which I whole-heartedly accept. The level of quality control we'll have over the new site apparently will make things much easier than the last six months of have been (not too good). I hope to see much progress, good teamwork, and high traffic in the months to come!


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