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Woohoo sounds good. Thanks

K, new thing I just realized, must be part of the q3 engine.

I have com_hunkmegs set at 256 (half of my 512mb of ram) and it did not solve this problem I am having with both q3 and jk2, one that I never really cared about. I have TONS of models for both games, but in the player selection screens, some of them are not showing. Same for q3. The more I download, the more dissapear. Heh.

K so is there a command to increase the list size so that I can see all models/skins I have installed in the player selection section?


Still having problems with jedimod+jedi vs merc but that is ok.

Still would like to know how to set force regen higher than g_forceregentime 0

Still would like to know how to mute players (other than kick them)

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