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((((OOS: @ Deac: You forgot Vidar, and the deal didn't involve numbers.
And the creature didn't mean he could destroy the Starkiller - but that if Rwos accepted the Starkiller, he would no longer be immortal. (Everyone else in the party is temporarily unkillable)
I should point out that the Darkstar was able to go through time by following Deac's soul when it came back with the Starkiller, as it was me who established that it followed them))

*the creature scowls at the Starkiller* My master Craynor's terms were clear. Two teams, one his, one yours. The deal was that they would have equal Force powers, and no member would be powerful enough to face Ken'atra alone. And no interference from either side.

Then you saw fit to possess, to "join with" Deac, and the Darkstar, who is one of you (and hence not my problem) "joined with" one of my master's team. Then you destroyed each other's hosts, something which I must admit I-

Rwos: Will you stop! We need to get to Ken'atra! Isn't that what you want? For us to retrieve the Time Matrix? You haven't frozen time here - he could be anywhere by now!

*the creature turns to Rwos* Very well, Termand Rwos. Choose now, if you're so eager.

Oh, and by the way, if you accept the Starkiller, then your quanta will be altered - you will no longer be pulled after the Time Matrix when it jumps...

*The creature disappears*

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