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I think I fit the requirements that you specified.

Though you did hire Darth Bear, you mentioned that you will most likely need more help later.

I've had a fair amount of experience in the areas you listed. First site I helped out with was The Obi-Wan Network (Formerly located at hosted by Adventure Gamer, now a member of LucasGames) in 2000. Before Obi Wan was canceled for PC, that is. After a few months, I pretty much kept the site up by myself. Did all the news and made most of the new pages later on. Then I hooked up with Bossk over at StarWarsSource.Net in late 2000. I helped him out there for quite a while. Until he got a few more staff members. We tried a little bit to branch out into gaming and he even did some contests to get the site more hits, but I don't think it worked too much. Though the site is still up, so it must've helped some. Next, I started posting for And while I still can post there, I don't, and neither do any of the other posters, because, frankly, no one visits the original JK site. I hooked up with Spart in November of 2000. The Obi-Wan Network was still up by then, but nothing happened on it except for a few posts regarding the selling of the domain or whatever. And I was still helping out at I just enjoyed posting news about the latest happenings in the Star Wars Gaming Universe. During the month of November, from the 16th to the 29th, the 16th being my first day at JN, I posted exactly 20 posts. Only one in December as there was a lack of news. And then I didn't post there again until April '01. Then five more posts in May, one in June, and then not again until over a year after my first post. In February of this year, I got back into my posting habits because JO was nearing release and I was posting all the JO news worthy news I could find. But after JO was released, it was clear that was the center of JO activity, and not even Massassi was getting much JO traffic. Well, not as much as most people would like, anyway. So I just left it up to them. And I haven't posted since then.

One more thing. I did level reviews for Massassi. Some of you may remember that controversial review of Frag Factory. You can check those out for a feel of some my earlier writing style and the JN archives for something more recent.

Anyway... , if you'd like more information, you can shoot off an e-mail to me at

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