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The theme of this letter is not "This is the precondition for my crusade against paltry solecism." By now, you've already heard countless arguments running in that vein and are probably pretty sick of them. The theme of this letter is "The n00bs has announced a number of pestilential, diabolic ideas on how to run -- or is that ruin? -- everyone's life." There are a number of reasons the n00bs isn't telling us as to why it wants to seize control of the power structure. In this letter, I will expose those reasons one-by-one, on the principle that I'm bewildered by the malodorous nature of its antics. The n00bs will almost certainly tiptoe around that glaringly evident fact, because if it didn't, you might come to realize that its intent is to prevent us from asking questions. The n00bs doesn't want the details checked. It doesn't want anyone looking for any facts other than the official facts it presents to us. I wonder if this is because most of its "facts" are false. The problem, as I see it, is not a question of who the Machiavellians of this society are, but rather that being shielded from the consequences of its bad judgment and bad behavior has made the n00bs careless. Now, that's a strong conclusion to draw just from the evidence I've presented in this letter. So let me corroborate it by saying that to the n00bs's mind, children should get into cars with strangers who wave lots of yummy candy at them. So that means that university professors must conform their theses and conclusions to its irascible prejudices if they want to publish papers and advance their careers, right? No, not right. The truth is that the n00bs loves the truth only as long as it doesn't conflict with its viewpoints. It's that simple. The n00bs's voiced intentions don't match its actual intentions. Well, that's getting away from my main topic, which is that it is typical of pea-brained schmucks in its wild invocations to the irrational, the magic, and the fantastic to dramatize its positions. Okay, I've vented enough frustration. So let me end by saying that I am not the n00bs's whipping boy.

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