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i think huz is on about the free server which you can book for 1 hour in the times that havnt already been booked. If we want our own server its 80 a month, and these are the rules on the free bookable servers....

Each subscriber gets 4 hours of booking time a week, with a maximum booking length of 2 hours. This can be used to book any game, mod and config we support on the booking system.
The quota week runs from Monday morning to the following Sunday night.
You cannot carry quota from one week to the next so any unused quota will be lost.
If you delete a booking (this can only be done before it has started) you will automatically get the quota it used back for use during that week.
Originally posted by Huz
EDIT: At the end of the day, if you're going to have games at allotted times, you might as well do what we used to - book a BarrysWorld server (unless they don't offer that service any more). An ADSL connection can't compete with a professionally run server.
still, we can use my server for 1v1 training

If you wish to help us with small 1v1 servers for training please post here

International House of Mojo Server Checker

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