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Arrow Your Call on Force Commander: Pick or Pan?

Well, I hadn't been anticipating Force Commander release, but I was wowed by the videos and screenshots on LEC's site in the last month or so. I figured it would be a good game (at least it looked and sounded good). I've gotten one person telling me it utterly blew chunks (dull, flat, boring), and another that said it was a great and fun game (fast paced, totally star wars).

I would like a show of opinions
*Please only respond if you have actually played the game, not some hearsay*. If possible also include your system stats.

I am interested in two things essentially:

How does it rate as a Star Wars game? Is it "true" to the SW universe? Does it have the right "feel"?


How is it as a game? Is it fun? Is it innovative? Is it hard? Is the interface good? Etc.

Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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