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System Stats:

-PPro 200
-128 Megs RAM

I have to turn down a lot of the graphic options to make it run decently on my PC (but can still run it at 800x600). On a five star system I'd give it:

graphics: *** (on my system (even turned down), **** 1/2 based on screenshots)

sound effects: **** (when I approach a unit, the sound seems to start abbruptly (no fade in), but other than that it's very nice)

music: ***** (John Williams, 'nuf said)

general gameplay: *** (the camera is just awkward for me, but I'm getting better - this could go up once the camera becomes second nature)

AI: I've not played enough to judge, but it appears that the AI loves to rush. I hope it turns out to be a challenge

Intangibles: **** 1/2 (It's Star Wars. You can view the battles from eye level (although, don't expect to do much commanding from that level))

Multiplayer: I've not played it over the net yet (I've got DSL, so hopefully that'll help considering my slow system)

Overall (not some kind of average of the above): **** (I like it a lot. Of course, I would have liked Rebellion a lot if my hand didn't cramp up from playing it (sooo much darn clicking). Luckily, my hand doesn't cramp from FC)

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