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Hey thanks for all the replies, appreciate it.

Well I bought the game, and if anyone was in the same boat as me, where you want to know more about the game from people who have played it, but can't get a response reply to this thread and I will try to help...

In repsonse to my questions, the game is definatly as good and, in my opinion, better than Warzone 2100, and while the camera movements are completely different than Earth 2150, and maybe even more complex.. but you get used to them and they have a nice feel after a while... The weather effects, I cant say at this time, but I have seen sand blowing in the wind, which is super cool. Earth 2150 has no infantry, Force Commander does, and they look real good, not like cartoon people slapped into the engine, but actual troops almost as if they were taken from one of the First Person Shooter games that Lucas Arts has come out with. The troops aren't just weak little people worth drawing enemy fire away from mechs either, they can occupy buildings and other units like dewbacks (the desert beasts seen in the remake of "A New Hope") and Storm Troopers have stun weapons as well. So far this looks to be the best RTS game that I have played that is currently available in the American Market... but that might just be because I've wanted a Star Wars strategy game since the original Command and Conquer back in early 90's and I'm not looking for faults in the game yet...
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