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Post Skirmish Mode Question

Okay, I've only played a couple skimishes, but I've got a question about the enemy.
Does it cheat?

Reason I ask, is that I start out constantly bringing down nothing but troops, and searching the area for bunkers to capture. But then 4-5 minutes into the game, the enemy rushes me with at least as many troops as I've brought down PLUS many vehicles. And he doesn't seem to scout me out, it just seems to start as an all out, full frontal assault.

Another question, when your scout discovers a bunker, why doesn't it stay marked on the map? I find the bunker, but then have to spend time running around with troops to locate it again. Sure buildings can change between scout trips, but at least mark the last known locations.

Even another question. How do you hold on to bunkers? Since I can only put 2 troops in there, I try to keep several troops outside the bunker (since those inside can't seem to fire out of there) along with a couple of different vehicles, but when the enemy onslaught comes, a constant stream of troops eventually overpowers the bunker, and usually my troops outside get wiped out also. Should I assume that's going to be a strike point for the enemy and keep a constant flow of reinforcements? I'd sure like to hear how others approach this.

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