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Originally posted by TK_GEEZus!
Actually when I'm in games and trying I barely talk at all. You on the other hand RpTheHotrod talk constantly. Everytime I've seen you playing you accuse someone of cheating, you talk constantly saying idiotic things like "bad move learn from it", and you always complain about exploits.
At least I have a good in game reputation, impress all of these newbies on this forum that you want not like it's going to make you any better you'll always suck and resort to sitting on ledges at bespin pulling.
Funny, Hotrod is one of the best players I know and also respect at the same time, as well as many others. The only insolent joker that deserves to be thrown in a gas chamber kicking and screaming is you. And he talks alot? Does that mean he is one of the crickets or something?

GEEZ, your idiotic statements are not welcome. Get a clue.
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