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The term n00b or newbie is highly over used in JKII, and the gaming world. But I guess it also has effectived society as well. For example, if you call a NFL player a beginner, who is professional, or something similar to that, he'll get mad.

Basically, calling someone a n00b or newbie in the gaming world, is basically saying to a very good player that he's a beginner (usually the player is good), a insult.

But I admit, I use the term n00b, when someone IS acting like one. And when people are new to the game, I call them rookies, just seems more appropiate to me.

PS: LOL, I used speed rage, same level many times, and after getting pushed or pulled off the ledge about 2 or 3 times, I get out my fletchee, and blast the guy off, then take the flag .
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