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Hi, here is the strategy i used to get passed that level ...
First off make sure you get all defecting stormtroopers to help. Capture the command center to get luke and make sure you leave one stormie there. Get control of the 2 vehicle turrets near the TRMB and leave one in each. Get luke and brenn in the TRMB. Dont move it yet! Send the other remaining stormies to destroy the artillery by the command centre. This sets off the alarm - once the artillery is gone, gather any stormies left and get out of there. There are some kaalanite rebels to help nearby - just move a stormtrooper near them to recruit them.
I found it best to send the troops ahead to take over turrets and left the TRMB in the central area with a couple of troops to guard it until my route to the evac area was clear. Carry on to take over turrets, leaving one tropper in each. later on you get an ATST and more kalaanites - that helps alot in taking out any imp stormies you encounter. Try to keep the alarm from going off for as long as poss. Hope this helps

Meanwhile, any1 else got any tips for me on return to ruul part 1 (the level after this one?)

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