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Force trip- they run and its like an invisible foot sticking out infront of them. This must be followed by some funny fall on you face and curse animation

Force smack- Flag carrier talking ****? No problem target him from far away and deliver a force bitch slap. This would be the pimp side of the force.

Force confusion- Makes your target dizzy for 5 seconds, in which time his screen blurs and is filled with pure acid like visions.

Force shadow- Have your self appear two steps ahead and slightly left of where you really are. This is accomplished by joining a server where you have a super high ping, but I'd like to do this on purpose to piss off the snipers.

Force Noob Wedgy (sp?)- if a player fails to reach a certain score in a certain block of time he is then open to being hung by his undies on strategically placed hooks in all maps.

Battlefield 1942........
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