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Originally posted by The Lopper
Uh, let me get this straight. Some lamer (a.k.a. RpTheHotRod) stands on the ledge above the flag pulling anyone who tries to get the flag (whether they're using speed/rage or not) and then taunting them when they kill themselves after he pulls them to their doom; and they're supposed to easily "counter" this gayness by jumping down to a ledge below the lamer and shooting him off his perch, after which they can jump back up and grab the flag, kill the four fletchette-wielding defenders and race back to their own base (fending off three speed/raging defenders chasing after them) to capture the flag. Yeah, I don't see why I didn't think of it before.

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Correct! Remember its NOT supposed to be easy and ANYTHING that works is considered good defense.

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