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Correct..but you made a mistake on 2 things...first, I'm no lamer, second, I don't "taunt" them. If they complain about ot, I say counter it.

I didn't say the only way to shoot them off is that ledge below, I said that's A way to do it. Use the sniper window, walk to the flag the normal way and shoot them, jump out, turn around, and pull them before they pull you, etc many ways.

You do realize that the original concept of CTF was to be a team-capture. Not a loner. You can't expect to waltz in, grab the flag, and waltz right back out. It was supposed to use a team of about 3 or 4 while the rest defend. You have it too easy...and when your "easy" way gets into trouble, you start calling peopel lamers.

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