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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Daryk:
[B]I am thoroughly stuck on Part 2 of Redemption at Abridon and have had to restart umpteen times.

This is a very hard mission. It took me a long time to complete. First u need load up all your troops and a-wing pilots in you hovercraft. Then start west. Use your scanners and swoop bikes to scan ahead. ignore the guys fighting the AT-ST's. Keep your group tight. Before you reach the water start heading north. There will be a group of AT-ST's on both sides so be careful. If you take to long they may calapse on you position. as you head north there is artilary. Use your tanks to knock them out. Watch for Tie fighters from the north west. Avoid that area at all costs. As you go north start to turn north east. and make a run for the right side road that leads to the shipyard. Artilary will be coming from straight ahead and from the east but move quickly your sheilds should keep you alive. once you reach the road head up and take the control of the shipyard. Then the Tr-mb comes down and the fun begins. I won't spoil it for you but don't be afraid to save often. I hope this helps. The missions will get harder so hang in there Thanks
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