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Lightbulb The game is DEAD

I've been away from JKII for a while and didn't realise that another patch had finally been issued to get rid of you backward-lunge saber spammers/force cheaters etc.

So, I thought, yeh - give it another go. Perhaps the game isnt dead afterall.
Well - it is dead. I've never played a more cheat-ridden series of mp games in my life. You people with dual-sabers, sabers that can be thrown into the air that stay there instead of returning; players that hover in the air; players with *permanent* force f*#king absorb; players with scripts that turn force absorb on 0.01 milliseconds after your force attack:

Go f*#k yourselves.

The same goes for you jedi-wannabe's who think a JKII MP server is a tupperware party - stop standing/walking around with your sabers off, swopping good cookie recipies etc, and get fighting - either that or turn your JK server off and open an IRC room instead.

You lot that run 'Saber off = don't attack' servers just let people break that rule anyway. If you want to walk around with your saber off acting cool before you break the rule then thats your problem - seek help. It's a game - play it, don't screw it over for everyone else.

You've ruined a great game - congratulations.
And you can save the 'noob' talk that usually flames this kind of message - there is such a thing as cheating/tweaking a game to death you know.

I'm out of here for good, so flame away.
See you honest players in some other game.

Ex-lord Briss. (retired)
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