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Re: The game is DEAD

"I've been away from JKII for a while and didn't realise that another patch had finally been issued to get rid of you backward-lunge saber spammers/force cheaters etc."There's new patch? didnt even bother checking after 1.03,hanged out at yoda's swamp.

"So, I thought, yeh - give it another go. Perhaps the game isnt dead afterall.
Well - it is dead. I've never played a more cheat-ridden series of mp games in my life. You people with dual-sabers, sabers that can be thrown into the air that stay there instead of returning; players that hover in the air; players with *permanent* force f*#king absorb; players with scripts that turn force absorb on 0.01 milliseconds after your force attack:"

I lost my JKII CD-Dont even care,Team Fortress Classic owns.

"Go f*#k yourselves."
No comment

"The same goes for you jedi-wannabe's who think a JKII MP server is a tupperware party - stop standing/walking around with your sabers off, swopping good cookie recipies etc, and get fighting - either that or turn your JK server off and open an IRC room instead."
Er..maybe they are roleplaying? or maybe they dont know each other and just want to talk.Either way,you should've just played and try to kill people who have thier sabers on-They dont bother you,you dont bother them,it's like there not there..which you want...

"You lot that run 'Saber off = don't attack' servers just let people break that rule anyway. If you want to walk around with your saber off acting cool before you break the rule then thats your problem - seek help. It's a game - play it, don't screw it over for everyone else."
You are a bloodcrazy maniac who wants to kill things that wont even attack you-seek the same help they get. It's a game,play it,dont screw it over for the ones who want to act cool.

"You've ruined a great game - congratulations."
Who excactly?

"And you can save the 'noob' talk that usually flames this kind of message - there is such a thing as cheating/tweaking a game to death you know." Yes..I KNOW they have nerfed the game to death.And no,I wont flame you or anything.

"I'm out of here for good, so flame away.
See you honest players in some other game. "
Half-Life or Team Fortress Classic maybe?

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