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Lord you realize that right now you're the guy who has, after watching a boxing-match or two, jumped in a shoot-fighting arena screaming: OMG-OMG!! Stop the fight! Did U all see that! The bastard KICKED his opponent!?!?! OMFG!!! And where are your gloves!?! OMG! Cheating!!!

...and the 15.000 people in the audience are thinking: who the hell is that guy and what on earth is he talking about?

Yes, there is a mod called Jedi-Mod. It allows all kind of "cool" things. You can have two sabers. You can shrink your model or play as a 8 ft tall Darth Vader. You also have access to two extra stances.

All the stuff you said just shows that you have no idea what is going on. I'll try to avoid calling you a n00b,'re the guy who yells "HAXXOR!!!!" when someone wall-walks or kicks you.

Got Honourz? Great.. I hope you choke on it!

I r0xx0r all j00 nooberz that mess with me. You nooberz suXor out of my way or I eat j00....

Most ridiculous Quote of the century: >)O(< ENmiTy: promoting mindless FFA and SD kills promotes disorderly conduct amoung the online community.
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