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Her is a strat that worked for me, you need to go right for the ramp if you use tis plans, make a group of at-aa's(5 or 6 at least) make this squad 1, then make a group of at-pt's and at-st's, say 6 and 4 respectively, make this group 2, senmd group 2 to the base of the ramp and allow them to mop up the ground troops, after they are done send group 1(your AA) up the ramp, after they deal with the speeders send group 2 the rest of the way up , make sure and leave group 1 at the SW conrer of the ramps, when the coast is clear sned a troop carrier with dellis and 5 Stormtroopers up to the drilling platform, after that you have all the time in the world, save often and crush the rebellion.
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