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sorry to lock you up, comrade (Or is it conrade? Ah, never mind!), but I wasn't really trying to do something in the game, so it don't count. I was just saying something I peiced together. I made loads of Grim Fandango 'scenes' that are either real scenes or different things peiced together to make it seem like something out of GF. I also made my own GF Trailer with the voices of Manny (DUH), Glottis, Eva, Copal, Hector, Bowsley, Gunnar, Slisko, Domino, Meche, Pugsley, Terry and Nick.

And Bowsley's voice is hard to understand. Where's he from? Also, using Scumm Rev, I can rip the 3D Models of the characters and stuff onto a 3D Model thing, and if I get Animation Master soon (For a whopping 200 pounds), I can make my own GF animations...

But this has nothing to do with the game. Anyway, Gendo's points don't count. HAH! But as I'm here, I may as well quote a Raven...


(Oooh... tough one. You have to be a keen player to get this...)
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