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Any move or power that can be used as offense is hereby declared "lame", by order of the Imperial Lamer Federation.

Anyone caught using an "offensive" move or power, of any kind, will be subject to punishments that include, but not limited to:

- Cursing
- Accusations of Cheating
- Accusations of Hacking
- Questions about one's skill level in the game
- Insinuations that one has "no skill"
- Insinuations that one is a beginner, or "noob"
- Questioning of Sexual Preference
- Inferences of Sexual Preference
- Accusations of inappropriate actions with one's own mother
- Descriptions of things someone has done to one's mother
- Revelation of who one's "daddy" really is
- General Spam
- More cursing
- Bad Spelling
- Having a "kick" vote initiated against offender
- Having "kick" vote fail
- Having "kick" vote started again
- Being spammed "vote yes plz"
- Being attacked
- Should one fail to defend previous attack, "u suck" spam will ensue

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