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Angry Saber Locks = Sore Losers

So anyway, in a continuing trend...

Last night I was playing on a no-force duel server. I became engaged in a saber lock with an opponent. I usually use two fingers (alternating) to tap the mouse button, so I do pretty well. It's usually only script users who beat me, most times I either win or draw in a saber lock.

Hey, at least I can do SOMETHING right, eh?

Anyway, I beat down this guy in the saber lock, then followed up with a blue lunge to finish him off.

I say "gf", his comment is an immediate "bs".

While dueling the next guy, I see this other guy changes his name to "stupid auto fire user".

I had to laugh

It's sad that it's gotten to this point, but as of late, I've noticed that around 80% of the time, when I win in a saber lock, I get accused of cheating. I always follow up by telling what my technique is, but it never seems to convince anyone.

I had taken some time away from JKII and just got back into it this week. Is it like this everywhere?

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