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This thread is about as tasty and interresting as sour milk. Humans got the gift of language and you people are abusing that gift by discussion things that are 100% irrelevant. You are all spam noobs... if the bible was written today the 8th deadly sin would be spam like this. Sadly in this apathetic world no one will take any notice of anything. Humans are reduced to social nomads on the internet who drift from identity to identity. Your best friend could be the person you despise the most. Nothing is certain here... everything is an illusion which the children of the internet cling to like a childhood dream... hoping that they are noticed, recognized and respected for whom they are, while the real world passes them by like the dark city seen from a train. Who are we kidding... without consequence there can be no respect. The hottest topic of today will be cold and dead tomorrow... we live for the debate itself - the true purpose of debate in a democratic sense has been forgotten. The self discipline of the human race is too weak for the freedom of the internet.

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